The Know is one of the loudest bars in town between 8 and 10 pm, when bands born of various abrasive strains of punk and metal take to the stage in the western wing. But before the rabble-rousers take over, this Alberta stalwart is one of the neighborhood's premier blue-collar hangouts. The folks on the barstools seem to know each other almost too well (these are intoxicated friendships, after all), and they take great joy in watching bad TV with the bartenders after having a bad day with their bosses. It might not quite be a home away from home, but it's a home away from something, which is enough, sometimes. CHRIS STAMM.
What to drink: This is cheap-beer heaven.
Happy hour: $1 tallboys, $2.50 well drinks, $3 Barefoot wine 4-7 pm daily.
Entertainment: Live music, trivia, pool, pinball, TVs.