We aren't sure why there are suddenly several bars in Portland that also sell merchandise, or whether combining shopping and drinking is really a good idea for either shoppers or sellers—what of the inevitable damage to and theft of stock, or the hangovers made worse by the discovery of yet another tear-stained copy of Candy-O? Nonetheless, this is a thing now, and I actually hope the young trend continues. One day, we may be able to purchase luxury vibrators, Warhammer miniatures and power tools while pie-eyed. 

Hall of Records

3342 SE Belmont St., hallofrecordspdx.com.

Hall of Records is exactly what it sounds like—a boutique record store, stocked with soul and funk rarities and standards, with a DJ and five microbrews on tap.

Palace of Industry

5426 N Gay Ave., 477-7313, facebook.com/palaceofindustry.

Sip on a lavender Champagne cocktail while poring over coffee-table books and perusing the assortment of incredibly well-priced vintage clothing, lovely pieces of furniture and quirky knickknacks.

Record Room

8 NE Killingsworth St., 971-544-7685, recordroompdx.com.

Rachael Rhymes (her real name, we think) owns Portland's second record store/bar. This one not only sells but also buys vinyl and cassettes, for cash or credit. We cannot recommend stealing your roommate's New Wave collection for beer money.

Loopy Knitters Yarn Bar

5591 SW 116th Ave., 336-0887.

It sounds like the invention of a writer for Leno, but Loopy Knitters is no joke. This King City yarn store pours Oregon wine to weeknight knitting circles. We've yet to hear of a resulting spate of crooked scarves.

Cheese Bar

6031 SE Belmont St., 222-6041, cheese-bar.com.

Is it a stretch to consider that spending a few hours drinking and nibbling at a bar that also sells fine cheese and assorted culinary goodies in quantity might result in the purchase of an unreasonable amount of cheese? It is not.