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January 22nd, 2003 5:00 pm Caryn B. Brooks | z-Miss Dish

True or False?


Everyone loves a game of fun and chance. Play along in this brute contest of fact vs. fiction, spoiled vs. fresh, butter vs. Parkay.

1) Mark "Survivor" Burnett has sunk his fangs into a new reality-television show premise: It's called The Restaurant and features cameras snooping on a knife-wielding chef named Rocco DiSpirito and his staff as they attempt to please jaded New York diners.

True or False?

2) A new delicacy has emerged from that bastion of good taste--France. Long proponents of the gastronomical theory of terroir that proposes that the soil, air, climate and other geographic features define the food and wine of a region, some French chefs are taking it to its literal extreme by serving dirt in dishes. La Salete in Paris is offering a roasted chicken with Alsatian soil rub that has the gourmands going oh-la-la.

True or False?

3) This pizza brought to you by Alka-Seltzer. A new invention sure to sweep our ad-friendly culture is a set of products called The Roller and The Stamper that allow companies to emboss their logos or ad messages on food items such as pizza, calzones, breadsticks, cheeses, melons, white bread, pita, brownies, pies, butter sticks and baked potatoes. According to the press release sent out by Gourmet Impressions LLC, "new movie releases can now pay to advertise on food products (e.g., 'Jurassic Park Pizza from Pizza House,' etc.)."

True or False?

4) In a move that's been a long time coming, York, Penn., has banned puns in the names of restaurants, coffee shops and hair salons. One city councilor was quoted in the York Daily Record as saying, "It's just language pollution. I'm sure our many fine coffee purveyors can come up with names that don't yank around the words 'perk' and 'grind.'"

True or False?

5) The planned Beaverton Krispy Kreme doughnut shop set to land at 16415 NW Cornell Road next year will be open 24 hours. Last week, Beaverton's planning commission approved the company's pitch for 24-hour service.

True or False?


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Answers: 1) True, but yawn. 2) False--for now. 3) True and pathetic. 4) False, but let's make it true. 5) True and inspiring.

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