Portland's tiny version of a München Hofbräuhaus rings with the clinking of giant steins of clove-scented Weissbier, malty lager and Paulaner Oktoberfest nightly—it serves only German suds—while noisy groups of revelers chow on big plates of serviceable Bavarian Sausage Company bratwurst and sauerkraut. Come summer, the patio is packed with sun-seeking drinkers pairing their brews with grub from the food carts that share Prost!'s parking lot. Need a break from the beer? Prost! keeps a big glass vat of Jack Daniels floating with oranges, raisins and cinnamon sticks behind the bar. You should partake, it's like a holiday in a shot. KELLY CLARKE.
What to drink: Huge 1-liter titan of Spaten Lager and a Neumann's pretzel with German mustard.
Entertainment: TVs, patio, oversized glassware, occasional oompah-band sightings.