When my friends talk about Red Flag, the first thing that comes up is the frozen margarita machine. And though the temptation to drown my sorrows in tequila and an awful brain freeze is hard to resist, I'd like to point out to all the slushie haters that this is a dive where you can also play pinball, load up the jukebox with jams from the Strokes and Pavement and talk to the bartender about how much you hate the Yankees. On weekends things can get hectic, and the cheap sandwiches (all in the $5 range) are nothing you couldn't make at home. Still, Red Flag is a bar with a sense of humor; a sign by the cash register states, "If you were born after today's date in 1989 or are Dave Matthews we won't serve you." Sorry, DMB fans, at least there's a margarita machine. MICHAEL MANNHEIMER.
What to drink: Pitchers of PBR.
Happy hour: $1 off all drinks 4-7 pm Monday-Friday.
Entertainment: Jukebox, four pinball machines.