CC Slaughters
219 NW Davis St.
$2 all the time.

Cosmo Lounge
Page 13
$1 per shot.

George's Corner
Page 16
$2, try the peach.

Ladd's Inn
1204 SE Clay St.
$1 apiece, and massive.

Penguin Pub
8117 SE 17th Ave.
$1, best combined with a $1 taco on Tuesdays.

Old Barn
9656 SW Barbur Blvd.
$1, and they're quite strong.

1717 SW Park Ave.
$1 each, in myriad flavors.

Scooter McQuade's
1321 SW Washington St.
$1.75 in cherry and lime, among other flavors.

Sundown Pub
5903 N Lombard St.
Shots are only occasionally available, but they come in ingenious flavors (eggnog!).