"We R Who We R"
We're girls; thinking is hard! We just want to dance, and Lady Gaga is too cerebral. 

"Boots & Boys"
She's managed to sum up every woman's life with two words and a three-minute pop song.  

"Kiss N Tell"
Boys, keep it in yr pants, 'cause we can always find someone with a bigger—wow—well....

"Party at a Rich Dude's House"
Pissing in the Champagne, getting naked, barfing and fighting? Sounds like my Tuesday night!

"Your Love Is My Drug"
[Sigh.] Boys with well groomed beards are irresistible. Yes, I do like your beard...a lot. 

SEE IT: Ke$ha plays the Roseland Theater on Tuesday, Feb. 15. 8 pm. Sold out. All ages.