Over 200 people filled their mouths with sunshine at the first-ever PDX Carathlon on Saturday. Fifty cleverly named teams braved the 40-degree weather and raced around town to complete seven food-cart challenges that ranged from spelling their team name in fries a Potato Champion to eating a Koi burrito as quickly as they could.

The winner of the Cartathlon, with 540 points, was Groove Is in the Cart. There was a tie for second between reTardis and Stomachs of Fury, at 510 points. The four members of Groove Is in the Cart will receive one free meal a month from each of the carts involved.

Participating carts included Big-Ass Sandwiches, Burgatroyd, FlavourSpot, Garden State, Grilled Cheese Grill, Koi Fusion, Potato Champion and Whiffies.

The winner of the Volunteer's Choice for Best Team Name went to the Cartdashians, with Captain Beefcart and His Magic Ham a close second.

The PDX Cartahlon was a collaboration between Willamette Week, the Portland Mobile Restaurant Group and the Food Cartel. In its inaugural year, the event was a initiative to support food carts in the winter.

Cart Challenges: 80 pts (ten points at each cart, includes Burgatroyd)
Water Agility Challenge: 40pts
Water Balloon: 40pts
North: 100 pts
SW/NW Bonus Points: 80 pts
SW/SE Bonus Points: 140 pts

Time Points Possible: First in Heat 100 pts, Second in heat 90 pts, Third in Heat 80pts, Fourth in Heat 70 pts, Fifth 60 pts, etc.