It is now common to confuse George Lucas with Darth Vader, what with their both secluding themselves in an empire, tinkering with invisible forces and making Natalie Portman cry. However, there was a time when Lucas was...beautiful? That time was the 25th century, and the movie was THX 1138: an intentionally hypnotic, almost avant-garde fable about white-clad workers with names that sound like "sex" and "love," rejecting sedatives more violently than David Wu. It's really an art film: With their heads shaved bald, Robert Duvall and Maggie McOmie look more like intertwined Vigeland figures than recognizable lovers, and their religion has been reduced to prayer booths where Memling's Jesus blesses them to "Buy, and be happy." The lesson about mass consumerism is almost too obvious—except that it wasn't, y'know? Laurelhurst. Presented by Beer and Movie.

  • Best paired with: BridgePort Coffee Porter.
  • Also showing: Animal House (Bagdad).