Du's might be the ultimate cheap eat, at least for non-veggies. The formula is simple: huge portions of grilled meat boxed up with alarming speed for scant money. It literally takes longer to wait for the crosswalk light on Sandy Boulevard to change than it does for your order to be chopped, wrapped and ready. The speed is merciful; if the wait were longer, the tantalizing smell of grilling beef, chicken and pork might just overwhelm you. Order the standard chicken teriyaki ($6.90) and you'll get a giant pile of juicy bird on a bed of rice, with a hefty salad and Du's awesome poppyseed dressing. You can also get combos of chicken and pork ($7.60), chicken and beef or pork and beef (both $7.90). The side of kimchi ($2.50) doesn't add much, and the tofu bowl ($6) is an untempting concession to the veg crowd. Trust us, you want the meat.