Being the deep-frying free spirits that they are, you'd think that people behind this hot wing bastion would be more egalitarian in their approach to developing new products. Why not just have an open to the public vat of 350 degree oil to throw in whatever tickles your fancy. Then again, they have a far better sense of what would benefit from an oil-delivered Mailliard reaction than most. (Deep-fried Nutter Butters? Friggin' brilliant!). Case in point: The wings, obviously. Choose from nearly a dozen different sauces for every six wings ($5.95), choose your sides, get your fingers dirty and wonder at the restorative power of hot oil. For you more dainty eaters, try a chicken-tender-based sandwich, like the Emma ($8.95), a too-tall-for-your-mouth construction that also includes bacon, lettuce, tomato, blue cheese and a guarantee you won't be kissing anyone soon after eating it.