Step through Geraldi's tiny door and it's as though you've traveled 3,000 miles east. You'll be greeted in a thick Boston accent; the glorious scent of fresh meatballs and marinara sauce wafts through the air; the faded red gingham is exactly what you expect. Hot sandwiches are what Geraldi's is known for, and a full 9-inch sub is truly a sight to behold—it's enough for three meals. Go classic with the N.Y. meatball hero ($8.95), a fluffy Italian loaf stuffed with meatballs and dripping mozzarella. The recipe for the Chicago beef hero ($8.75) was reportedly passed on to Geraldi's by a Chicagoan customer; the updated version, Geraldi's Torpedo ($8.95), adds pepperoni to the Italian beef, bell peppers and onions. The lasagna ($7.95, $6.95) comes with or without meatballs, one of the few vegetarian options. If you aren't already hiking it to Massachusetts, you'll at least be back tomorrow.