If you wander into this shiny new Italian deli-bakery, you should really order the Caesar salad ($6). It's a testament to how the potential for greatness exists no matter how small the venue. The chopped romaine is dressed perfectly, with huge shavings of sweet, nutty grana padano sprinkled liberally over the huge platter (this is totally a sharing salad unless it's all you're going to eat), but the real kicker is the lightly grilled heart of seasoned romaine nested in the center. The charred ends are smoky, sweet and salty, with a hard-boiled egg, pickled in balsamic vinegar, sliced and fanned over the whole thing. The salad makes enjoying the rest of Misto's menu difficult, since you'll be half stuffed after eating it, but it would be a shame to miss out on one of the cafe's calzones, like the puttanesca ($8), served with a tangy-sweet marinara laden with carrots.