In the land of beer cinemas and cocktail-mixing coffee shops, a sweets shop that serves liquor is an automatic hot spot. After nine years, this Portland institution is still turning out an array of pastries, cakes, ice creams, candies and cocktails. The two locations serve the same menu, but feel quite different: Pix on North Williams Avenue is arranged like a bar and dimly lit, while Pix on Southeast Division Street is painted pastel yellow and feels like an ice-cream shop. Both are ornately decorated to match the elaborate presentation of Pix's pastries. The crème brûlée ($6.75) is a different flavor each night, and for some culinary theatrics, the top is scorched at your table. The Concord, which looks like a chocolate mousse castle ($6.25), and Tart Ménage à Trois, filled with almond and chocolate and topped with a curved chocolate spear ($6.25), are decadent treats, but they won't pull any surprises.