There's a reason Chicago has a high rate of obesity: the hot dogs are addictive. Wayne's Red Hot offers the most authentic Chicago dogs this side of Wrigley, and the small MLK eatery—a haven for Cubs and Sox fans—even brings Chicago's official meat byproduct, Vienna Beef, to the table. Purists will melt at the sight of the Chicago Red Hot ($5 with fries), "dragged through the garden" with a pickle spear, neon-green relish, peppers, tomato slices and celery salt slopped onto a poppyseed bun. The more adventurous are advised to pop a Lipitor before diving into the Ditka ($8), a half-pound torpedo swimming in enough chili and cheese to make anyone go up a bra size. The only complaint here is Wayne's early closing time. Imagine the splendor of a late-night heart attack! Regardless, expect to tip the scales after lunch.