Introducing the Eat Mobile Carty Award judges:

We're pulling out all the stops and calling in some professional eaters for this year's Eat Mobile Carty Award judge panel. We searched near and far to bring you a well-rounded group of chefs, writers and appreciators of food, including Top Chef Masters contestant Naomi Pomeroy, Time magazine food writer Josh Ozersky, VendrTV producer Daniel Delaney, Portland's own Tommy Habetz and Adam Sappington, and New York Chef Seamus Mullen. These judges will decide who they think has the best overall food at Eat Mobile, along with which cart has the most style.

Emceeing the event is Mike Thelin of Bolted Services, Journalist and Food Festival Developer

The winner of the Carty Award will receive a Shun Ken Onion 7-piece cutlery set from Shun knives and the glory of the title.

In addition to the Judges' Choice award, attendees will vote for the People's Choice Award, presented by Eat St.