Papagaiyo, STC and more at Mount Tabor Theater

Doin' the Tabe on 4/20 sounds like a par-tay! Blacklight paintings and the whole trip! Jam bands and Pabst cans! Not it on the driving, man! 

Agent 86, Reefer Madness and more at Plan B

I dig the band name, little bros! Salutin' the classics—love it! So you're on the whole punk rock trip, huh? That's cool, man, that's cool. "I Turned Into a Martian" has got me trippin'! What if, huh?! Wow!

Two-story 4/20 Party at Branx/Rotture

Tope, huh? More like Toke! Seriously, what's that guy smoking? The good stuff, I hope! Then there's Chicharones—that must be code for some real sticky Mexican dank, right? Hey, I can't keep up, I'm 52 years old, for John Lennon's sake! Where did the years go?! T-R-I-P! Trip! 

Onuinu, Gulls, Breakfast Mountain and more at Holocene

Whoah, this stuff reminds me of Floyd! You guys are really into this stuff, huh? Far out. Way to keep Portland Weed! Ha! You can use that one. Hey, I got my medical—wanna come check out my magic eye posters?