Matt and Kim (Saturday, 7:30 pm, Bigfoot Stage)

Flexing the likability of the Portland Timbers and the infectious charm of the Muppets, Brooklyn's dance-rock duo is the band you always wanted to play at your party.

The Thermals (Saturday, 6:45 pm, Yeti Stage)

Better late than never, Sasquatch! has done us all a favor by awarding Portland's preeminent power trio an evening bill on an intimate stage.  

Wolf Parade, (Saturday, 4:20 pm, Main Stage)

Sure, Expo 86 was an unexpected glitch in the Canadian supergroup's powerful résumé. But when Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner share a stage, it doesn't matter what they're playing. 

Other Lives (Sunday, 3:30 pm, Yeti Stage)

Other Lives' new album, Tamer Animals, is already a record-of-the-year candidate. The Oklahomans produce a sweeping, orchestral sound greater than the sum of its five dynamic members.

Typhoon (Sunday, noon, Bigfoot Stage)

Seeing Typhoon live is already a pseudo-religious experience. To have the Portland chamber-pop troop perform Sunday morning before a rippling backdrop of river and canyon is almost too much to bear. 

SEE IT: Sasquatch runs May 27-30 at the Gorge in George, Wash. Sold out. All ages.