Kenton Station (8303 N Denver, is an unassuming neighborhood bar built inside a piece of Portland history. In 1909, a meat-packing company built the Kenton Hotel at what's now the corner of North Denver Avenue and McClellan Street as an outpost for regional cattle traders. It fell into disrepair over the ensuing decades and was nearly demolished before being saved in the 1990s. It was converted into apartments and, on the bottom level, the pub and restaurant that now serves the absurdly stacked Paul Bunyan burger ($9.50 with two patties, ham, cheese and an egg). The rest of the menu is as standard as the decor, which is plain save for the vintage motorcycles displayed in the windows. Still, this is as good as any place in Kenton to grab a pint of one of the bar's myriad IPAs and catch a Timbers game.