Do you know—or work for—a Portland-area nonprofit that could stand to raise its profile—as well as a few thousand bucks? 

That's why this newspaper produces Give!Guide each November: We want to make it possible for our readers, especially those under the age of 36, to help dozens of fabulous organizations in the metropolitan area.

Last year, nearly 4,000 of you gave more than $1,160,000 to 79 Portland-area nonprofits. This year, we're expanding the number to 100—four of which will be selected through the Skidmore Prize process (see below for more on that). The remainder will be chosen by a team of judges assembled by WW. We plan to give particular attention to nonprofits that work in these categories: Animals, Arts, Community, Education, Environment, Social Action, Health and Wellness, and Youth.

That process starts now. Tell your favorite nonprofit to go to and fill out the appropriate form before midnight July 31, 2011. Special Brownie points go to nonprofits that get their applications in early. Criteria and an explanation of the selection process are detailed on the website.

For those of you new to this effort, Willamette Week started its Give!Guide in 2004. We've raised nearly $4 million in the interim. Our goals this year? Generally, to continue to develop a fierce annual-giving habit in readers under the age of 36. Specifically, to encourage 4,250 readers to donate $1,300,000.

Please help get the word out, so this year's Give!Guide can reflect the wonderful diversity and energy of Portland's nonprofit community.



The Skidmore Prize honors four Portlanders whose work for local nonprofits helps make this a better place in which to live, work and play. If you know someone under the age of 36 who works 35 hours a week or more for a local nonprofit—and does truly great work—nominate him or her. You can do this at As with the Give!Guide, the deadline is midnight July 31, 2011.

A committee selected by Willamette Week will choose this year's winners, each of whom will receive: $4,000, a handsome plaque, and a luncheon celebration in November. In addition, the organizations for whom the winners work gain automatic acceptance into Willamette Week's Give!Guide.

Thank you,

Richard H. Meeker