The pizza pub is really a college-town thing. It takes a teen-to-twentysomething’s barbed-wire stomach lining to process a large, greasy “Schmeatza” pie and gulp down enough happy-hour dollar Pabst to fully appreciate the pizza pub experience. Of course, the Schmizza Pub & Grub (320 NW 21st Ave., 688-5394) is what you make it: A tasty pizza shop or a cozy, full-scale bar (with $3 well drinks for happy hour and $3 micros at seemingly random intervals). Hell, there’s even karaoke on Friday nights. The folks at Pizza Schmizza nailed the sneighborly feel of those bygone hangouts (you remember—they all had names like “Blinky’s” or “Winky’s” or “Winky-Blinky’s”) from your college days, and there really is something to be said for having a college experience—face-stuffing, pinball-playing, sports-watching—without all that awful college.