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August 10th, 2011 12:01 am WW Editorial Staff | Murmurs

News That S&P Hasn’t Downgraded—Yet


    Tom Chamberlain, a former Portland firefighter and current president of the Oregon AFL-CIO, says he’s strongly considering running for Portland mayor, as first reported by wweek.com. His major opposition: New Seasons co-founder Eileen Brady and ex-City Commissioner Charlie Hales. (Mayor Sam Adams said earlier this month he won’t seek re-election.) Chamberlain says he’d make jobs a priority, and that he has experience creating them. “I don’t know if the other two candidates have done that,” he says. Chamberlain has a sour history with Hales, who tried to push through reforms at the Fire Bureau while Chamberlain was its union leader. International Association of Fire Fighters Local 43 President Jim Forquer tells WW that Hales’ record has not been forgotten. Says Forquer of Hales, “It seems he’s a little bit of a loose cannon.”
  • Call them “porn losers.” The former owners of Cindy’s Adult Bookstore sued City Commissioner Randy Leonard, Portland cop Jeff Myers, and three building inspectors in 2009 for alleged arbitrary enforcement of city rules when they forced the long-standing Old Town smut shop to close (see “Randyland, Part II,” WW, Nov. 18, 2009). U.S. District Judge Anna Brown tossed out their suit in April. The city now wants them to pay its costs of $9,071, state court records show. Randy Acker, attorney for Cindy’s former owners, tells WW his clients have appealed Brown’s ruling to the 9th Circuit.
  • The Tigard-based Typhoon Thai restaurant chain is telling state Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian where to go. Avakian subpoenaed owners Bo and Steve Kline in the Bureau of Labor and Industries’ investigation into alleged civil-rights abuses and wage-and-hour violations by Typhoon (see “Murmurs,” WW, July 13, 2011). BOLI wanted them to appear at its Portland headquarters June 24. They refused, saying they want a civil court trial to sort out the allegations. The Oregon Department of Justice is now asking a judge to force the Klines to comply. Typhoon owner Steve Kline strongly refutes BOLI’s allegations. “The idea of discrimination is absolutely outrageous,” Kline says. “We may be one of the most diverse companies in the entire country, and certainly in Oregon.”
  • Still looking for a parking spot? Click here to see where cars have been getting towed for parking illegally around town. A map using data from the city’s private property impound program plots the locations of 659 tow requests in July. Among the most ruthless enforcers of the parking-is-for-customers-only rule: Denny’s, Panda Express and the Hayden Island Harbor Shops, a strip mall frequented by video poker enthusiasts. Several chain stores, including New Seasons, Walgreens, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s aren’t on the list. (It’s still not OK to park in those places if you’re not a shopper.)
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