There's nothing particularly sexy about the intersection of North Rosa Parks Way and Denver Avenue, but there it is, out on the sidewalk: a black-and-white sandwich board announcing "Sexy Coffee," with an arrow pointing to what looks like the offspring of a food cart and a tool shed. Since 2009, Grindhouse Coffee has served as the de facto coffee shop for this neck of Arbor Lodge, and indeed, the scene inside the covered outdoor seating area is nearly indistinguishable from that of a brick-and-mortar place: sullen, doodling teenagers; moms blocking entryways with strollers; tattoos; dogs. Why the "sexy"? "Because it's that good," says proprietor Amanda Horne. "Once people order, they can't help but say, 'Now that's a sexy cup of coffee.'" Though no trousers were doffed on our visit, it can be said the Extracto coffee drinks on offer—replete with artistically applied rosetta leaf—are excellent. A hearty variety of Fleur de Lis pastries sits behind the window, but don't miss the breakfast sandwiches on bagel, ciabatta or English muffin (especially the $4.25 "Stud Muffin" packed with soy sausage), or the parfait ($3.75) featuring Nancy's honey yogurt and local berries…if you feel your morning needs, you know, a little more sugar.

  • Order this: Stud Muffin breakfast sandwich ($4.25).
  • Best deal: Garlic bagel with cream cheese schmear ($2.50).

EAT: Grindhouse Coffee, 1934 N Rosa Parks Way, 459-4148, 7 am-3 pm daily. $.