There is no reason for a cop to write in a report that they were threatened with political influence unless it was true ["Pedaling By Her Own Rules," WW, Sept. 28, 2011]. That's only to cover their asses if [mayoral candidate Eileen Brady] does squawk and it makes it more difficult for one of her commissioner friends to intervene for her if it's recorded in a report.... She got caught and now she's lying through her teeth. Welcome to the city council, Ms. Brady. You'll be a good replacement for the current lying mayor.—"Ret"

Just because an officer made this claim doesn't mean that it's true. Remember what police allegedly said to witnesses of the James Chasse beating? They held up a baggie with some bread crumbs in it and told them Chasse was a drug dealer. What we have here is a citizen and an officer with two different stories, and there is no reason to assume the citizen is lying.—"Dave"

What I'm troubled with is the moral equivalence given to what other candidates have done in their past. Excuse me, but riding in a path you did not know was not for bikes at the time is not the same as knowingly driving with a suspended license. In my opinion, the latter deserves jail time. Nor is it the same as moving to Washington to avoid paying taxes.—"John"

...[T]he reason people have a problem with this story is not because, as you say, she was riding her bike on a path that she did not know was meant for pedestrians. It was clearly posted...and she ignored the officer's warning. The issue here is that she invoked the "do you know who I am" rule and thinks she's too good to follow the rules. What, the rules don't apply to rich white people? That's the problem.... It's an example of character. That she is using this as an opportunity to claim she's standing up for people's rights against the police, when all the officer did was ask her to walk her bike, is ridiculous.—"Portlander"

Here's to Brady standing up for herself against police harassment.... As for the police behavior—it speaks for itself. What a waste of time and energy on their part—the only explanation has to be that Brady didn't bow down to the officer's abuse of his power.
—"Nola Wilken"

Worthy Only of Praise

We feel compelled to correct Geoff Thompson's statement in the Sept. 28 story ["The Crucifixion of Geoff Thompson"] disparaging our beloved and recently deceased Sandra Duffy. Simply put, Sandy made this world a better place. Sandy not only gave herself to the people of Multnomah County as legal counsel for 23 years, but fought tirelessly and to great success for improved provision of health services for all.... Sandy's love and concern for her gift to those of us who were fortunate to know her. Sandy is a shining example of humanity's potential for good, and each of us would do well to follow in her path.

Jed Tomkins, on behalf of the Office of the Multnomah County Attorney

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