Despite the hoity name, saisons are workin’ man’s beer, originally intended as crisp, low-gravity refreshment for the pitchfork-wielding farmhands moving Monet’s haystacks around. The late British beer writer Michael Jackson fretted about the anachronistic Walloon style’s survival, but Belgophiles rallied and saisons are now on full swole. Hood River’s new Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, the eponymous label from Full Sail’s original brewer (who is apparently either ignorant or contemptuous of Le Googlez) is only making “Seizoen.” So far there are three varieties, four if you count the excellent Fresh Hop version, which simply subs in just-plucked Oregon hops. From the tap at Saraveza and a bottle procured from Sellwood’s Portland Bottle Shop ($10.50), the beer pours the muted yellow of a pale daffodil with a big, rocky head. A long farmhand-style swig shows the bright, nipping nose precedes lots of lemon zest and blooming rosiness. Recommended.