Twin girls hacked to pieces. Torrents of blood spilling from an elevator. Shelley Duvall. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is full of creepy imagery. But it’s the film’s family dynamic that’s the stuff of real nightmares, and what makes The Shining among the most frightening films of all time: the feeling that those you love and trust are the real boogeymen. The simmering evil—prodded along by Kubrick’s patient buildup, his then-revolutionary sound mix and Steadicam work, and Jack Nicholson’s erratic eyebrows—imparts a blood-boiling dread throughout. Tell ’em Delbert Grady sent you…and stay away from Room 237. Academy.
  • Best paired with: Boneyard Chocolate Espresso Stout.
  • Also showing: Crazy, Stupid, Love (Academy, Laurelhurst, Valley).