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November 9th, 2011 12:01 am WW MUSIC STAFF | Top 5

Top Five Middle States

by Appleseed Cast’s Chris Crisci

musiclist_top5_3801CHRIS CRISCI - IMAGE: Jon Roberts
5. Texas
On the merit of some very good friends that live there, Texas comes in at No. 5 for me…and what’s not to like about Austin? Texas has many flaws. Its state flag sums it up: the American flag, minus all the other states.

4. Colorado
There’s a lot to love about Colorado. Denver is a cool town. The scenery is diverse and beautiful. The people are warm and friendly. It’s a great place to cross-train.  Mostly, I love playing the Hi-Dive.

3. Wisconsin
Bravo Madison! Bravo Wisconsin! Thank you for showing the rest of the country that demonstrations are not dead.  Most of the time it’s just money doing the talking. It’s nice to see people doing it for a change.

2. Oregon
You read that right. Oregon is a middle state. If you don’t think so, ask anyone from California or Washington. I visited Portland many times in my youth, and now that I have been touring for 12 years or so, I have become very well acquainted with Portland and the rest of the state as well. A truly beautiful state. Everyone living here has a reason to be proud.

1. Kansas
I know what you’re thinking: I picked Kansas as my top state because it’s my state. You’re partially right. It is because I know this state better than any other. Kansas is flat, and the weather is extreme, and it shares one thing with every other middle state: invisibility.  Which is great if you like to surprise people.

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