"I'm YoYo," shrugs the soft-spoken man at the window of the blue-and-white food cart. "He's Lefty." He jerks his head back toward the grill, where a second man carefully constructs gyros the size of a Chihuahua. Both men's real names are multi-syllabic Greek tongue twisters. Both used to work at Berbati's. Now they make some of the best Greek grub in town at their cart, from tender pork souvlaki skewers ($5) and big Greek salads heavy on the oregano and olives with pits to sticky triangles of cinnamony baklava ($2). Those habit-forming gyros start as big rounds of charred Alexis pita stuffed with everything from crazy-juicy lamb, spicy french fries, feta and garlicky tzatziki (YoYo's Special, $8) to what amounts to an entire bacon cheeseburger (Lefty's Special, $7), big hunks of pork or even a chicken Caesar salad (around $7). The front of the cart is plastered with full-color pin-ups of the eats, so you can drool while you wait—and you will wait. "Don't be a malaka," confirms a sign posted next to the menu. "Good food takes time." Upon request, Lefty will tell you what a malaka is—with the accompanying hand motion.

  • Order this: YoYo’s Special ($8) and a “sundae” of tangy Greek yogurt and candied walnuts drizzled with honey ($3).
  • Best deal: A big mound of Greek fries with zingy tzatziki sauce ($3).

EAT: Located at the food-cart pod at Southwest 3rd Avenue and Stark Street, 705-1001, Facebook. 11 am-5 pm Monday-Friday, Saturday noon-5:30 pm, and midnight-4:30 am Friday-Saturday. $.