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November 9th, 2011 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: Activist Musicians, Coffee Corrections and Even More Grimm

Gossip that prefers to celebrate Armistice Day.

scoop-grimm_3801GRIMM - IMAGE: nbc.com
  • SO GOOD: Grimm continues its run as NBC’s highest-rated new series and the network is taking a novel tack in promoting the Portland-filmed wizard-cop show. NBC is blurbing the praise of its Twitter followers in promo ads, a phenomenon first noted by Entertainment Weekly. Two of the endorsing tweeters aren’t just viewers: They’re Portland actresses with roles on Grimm. Ayanna Berkshire says Grimm is “so good!” (she also plays the doctor in the first two episodes) and local radio personality Tara Dublin says the show is a “monster hit” (she’s an extra in four episodes). Though WW does not have a gig on the show, we’re happy to pitch in with ad copy: “At least they killed off the annoying aunt!” Read episode recaps at wweek.com.
  • NEW MATERIAL: When Portland’s Run On Sentence hits the Doug Fir stage this Sunday, frontman Dustin Hamman will have a great story to tell about his time in New York City. On Oct. 23, the local songwriter found himself at the Occupy Wall Street protest, performing Madonna’s “Material Girl” with Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright. After a discussion with filmmaker Josh Fox, Hamman says “they all [came] over to my cousin’s apartment and we all ran through the song one quick time.” Video here.
  • MOVING MONEY: A group of notable Portland musicians—Sam Coomes, Rachel Blumberg, Lisa Schonberg and Neal Morgan—are pushing members of the local music community to stop using big banks. They’ve set up moveyourmoneyportland.com, where you can sign a public pledge to switch to a local bank or credit union. Doug Fir, Mississippi Studios and artists including Colin Meloy and Hutch Harris have already signed. While Occupy-minded activists celebrated National Transfer Day last Saturday, Nov. 5, this ensemble says it will  continue its work indefinitely. “We’re not the first people to do this, but the idea was that if we just reach out to who we know, get them to move—maybe that’s a replicable model,” Morgan says. “Maybe the visual artists do that in Portland, maybe the poets do that in Portland. And we’re going to put some of the larger businesses in Portland on notice—we’re going to come knocking.”
  • FRESHLY ROASTED: In last week’s Scoop, we erroneously reported that Ristretto Roasters would be opening a new coffee bar at 2121 NW Nicolai St. The correct address is 2181 NW Nicolai St. Incidentally, we also had the opportunity to tour the building (full disclosure: owner Din Johnson’s wife, Nancy Rommelman, is a former WW writer) last week, and it’s really something. Fancy vintage lighting company Schoolhouse Electric (which appears to be moving into other fancy furnishings) has taken over several floors for manufacturing, offices and a huge ground-floor showroom, while letterpress company Egg Press has moved into another level. The tenants seem hopeful that the obscure location will become a destination for creative types on the west side.
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