There's a secularist party going on this weekend at Portland Humanist Film Festival, which includes a costume-contest screening of Monty Python's Life of Brian (9 pm Friday, Nov. 11), and 8: The Mormon Proposition (2 pm Saturday, Nov. 12), which broadsides the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' well-financed campaign against same-sex marriage. Narrated by J. Edgar screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, this 80-minute counterattack feels overly apocalyptic—it might have taken a less ominous, more satirical approach to the Mormons' unusually centralized religious authority and uniquely stupid beliefs about the afterlife. An approach more like...oh, Life of Brian. Showing at: Cinema 21, Friday-Sunday, Nov. 11-13.

  • Best paired with: Ninkasi Double Red Believer.
  • Also showing: There Will Be Blood (Laurelhurst), The Help (Academy, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst).