It's a shame that this one [CSA] going under is getting so much press, when by your own account, some 59 others seem to be working ["A Trip From Bountiful," WW, Nov. 9, 2011]. It's hard to say how the situation could have been better. I think members need to share some of the responsibility, but I also think the CSA should have started slower and ramped up: "under-promise and over-deliver" is the way I prefer to do things.

—"Jan Steinman"

I think this article clearly did more harm than good to CSAs. And for no good reason. [Writer Carrie] Sturrock merely says "the majority of farmers fulfill their promises" when in fact it's the extreme vast majority—probably 95%—who are good, solid farmers. How many articles has WW written over the years that illustrate any of the thousands of satisfied CSA members in the Portland area?

—"Shari S."

I much prefer the farmers-market model of supporting local growers. I can choose my own amount and variety to suit my needs for the week. It is also capitalism at its best when growers compete in real time for customers and neither grower nor buyer is taken advantage of.

—"Oregon mom"


I take exception to one thing in your article: Calling Battlefield 3 graphically inferior [to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3] is like calling the sun dimmer than the moon. Sure, to get the best graphics on the consoles you need to download an HD textures pack, but Battlefield 3 is first and foremost a PC game, and its graphics really shine on that platform, outpacing pretty much all of the current crop of game engines ["24-Hour War," WW, Nov. 9, 2011].... I am coming from the mindset of a PC gamer, a class of gamer that is finally feeling justified for waiting after being virtually ignored the last few years.


Hmm.... Stay up 24 hours playing a video game, and write about it for WW. This is what passes for journalism at this paper?


Pacifists saying "fuck the military" are just too lazy to get off their asses and do some real labor. Grow a pair—I'm not talking about headphones.



The loss of Dave Hunt and Mary Nolan leading the fundraising and strategy for House Democrats is huge and accounts for much of the numerical advantage for the Republicans. ["Reversal of Fortune," WW, Nov. 9, 2011]. House D's got so caught up in their own internal squabbles they failed to understand how effective Hunt and Nolan were as fundraisers and political generals. The current leadership, despite the best of intentions, is not in the same league Hunt was. Nor are they as well-positioned to raise money from a diverse group of contributors.


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