3811 N Mississippi Ave., 288-4889, pistilsnursery.com.
Walking in the store is like entering a jungle—tendrils of air plants snake down from hanging baskets and the walls are covered with vases crafted from moss. Terrariums cover every available surface, and you can even try your hand at planting with a “make-your-own terrarium bar,” mixing and matching plants and containers from items sold a la carte. Out in the garden are hardier plants for sale, as well as a coop filled with hens. Chicken owners can find Christmas presents for their girls here, including cracked corn or a new, custom-built coop. 

Buy this: Kokedamas, a style of bonsai in which plants are grown in suspended, moss-covered balls of soil, like tiny green planets ($14-$50).

The Meadow
3731 N Mississippi Ave., 288-4633, atthemeadow.com.

Buy this: Barbecue salt set ($36), organic lavender spice bitters ($23.95).

3948 N Mississippi Ave., 288-1649, flutterclutter.com.
Scary Nuns
Know Your Rodent

Buy this: Little red toy accordion ($32), The Moustache Grower's Guide ($9.95).

Black Wagon
3964 N Mississippi Ave., 916-0000, blackwagon.com.

Buy this: Soopsori wooden rattle set ($25), rain boots with butterflies ($34).

Salty’s Dog and Cat Shop
4039 N Mississippi Ave., 249-1432, saltysdogshop.com.
When dogs go to heaven, it probably looks something like the central table of Salty’s, piled high with jerky versions of every animal part imaginable. There’s plenty on the table for cats, too, and pets who have allergies will find an abundance of “human-grade” pet-dinner options here. There are treats for owners in the form of cute T-shirts, as well as alpaca sweaters for your pet, provided they’re into that whole dress-up thing. The most “Portland” find: locally made Cycle Dog collars made from recycled bike tubes. The icing on the cake? The clip for the leash attachment doubles as a bottle opener. 

Buy this: Doggie hoodies by Zack & Zoey ($15.95 and up).

She Bop
909 N Beech St., 473-8018, sheboptheshop.com.
Tucked just off Mississippi on Beech Street, She Bop is the Apple store of sex toy shops: Its bright and welcoming interior is filled with entertaining handheld gadgets to test, and the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. There’s nothing skeevy about this place’s extensive array of things to fulfill folks of any gender or sexual orientation. In addition to the toys, condoms and lube for sale, a bookshelf along the entry wall holds informational and erotic texts worth browsing or buying, and one glass-walled case showcases archaic vibes like the “Vitilator” and “Stimulax Massage instrument.” 

Buy this: Bullet buddies vibrators ($13), Gun Oil silicone lube ($16.50).