In "Progress Without Pepper Spray" [WW, Nov. 30, 2011], Casey Jarman describes me as "…Jeremy, a stocky middle-aged agitator in stiff brown Carhartts pants who rambles on without asking a question." Well, he did get two things correct. I am 59 and my name is Jeremy. 

At 6-foot-2 and 197 [pounds], I object to "stocky." After 44 years of political activity and engagement, the last 35 as an anarchist, I don't know why Jarman is calling me an agitator.

So go ahead and call me a fat agitator, but two things really infuriate. First is Jarman's idiotic playing to the skinny-panted hipster consumers who are your target demographic. The wearing of double-layered expensive pants by other than welders or construction workers is stupid, but it is not a stupidity I would ever be guilty of.

Second, I asked many questions—of the audience (it seemed to me that the panel had flapped its gums enough). I asked them how many had been at the Jamison Square absurd "action," how many knew there were three subsidized-housing towers in the Pearl and how many knew working people who were woken up by the midnight-to-3 am noisemaking? It should also be noted that I suggested we occupy foreclosed houses.

My only conclusion is that Jarman must be more of a creative writer than a journalist.

—Jeremy Szold Ginzberg
Northeast Portland

Thanks for shining a light on these local heroes. Right 2 Dream Too is an amazing place, a real testimony to self-determination and community.

—"Anne T"

Burgerville is a great local company. In addition to the things mentioned in this article, it is also an Ability Aware employer, hiring employees with disabilities. Go Burgerville!

—"Jennifer Gwin"


Wow! This is excellent ["Flunk a Duck," WW, Nov. 30, 2011]. Until I read this article, I had a sneaking suspicion we didn't know all the facts about the firing [of University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere], notwithstanding Phil Knight's rage and the rallies of support that the other paper reported.

I had formed no opinion about his firing till reading this article. Whatever his brilliance, he broke his employment contract, plain and simple. No employee can do that and expect to keep his job. Case closed.


It's Journalism 101 to include both sides of an issue when you write an article. Plain and simple. I've seen a lot of editorialized articles from Willamette Week lately, including this article about Lariviere and the cover story about Occupy Portland. Looks like the news staff at WW need to brush up on their journalism ethics.

—"Duck Alum"

What you read in this story is essentially the State Board's view of what happened. If you would like to hear from Lariviere himself, and make up your own mind, you can do so:


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