You've probably had a stout very much like Fort George's Cavatica. The Astoria brewer's dark, glowing bauble of a beer, which debuted in cans last month, is "made in the tradition" of McMenamins stalwart Terminator. Both beers use black barley and Munich malt to get a molasseslike heft, though Cavatica is nearly Imperial-strength, a studly 8.8 percent ABV compared to Terminator's 6.45 percent. The extra ethanol blended smoothly into our one-pint can from the first batch, a gift from a friendly neighbor. A big head of sandy foam and the resolute sweetness of raisins, cocoa and candied walnuts really impressed, especially after a weekend of disappointing  holiday ales. Cascade hops provide a balancing slice of orange that is distinctly Oregon. The convenience and very reasonable price of these cans is almost beside the point. Recommended.