This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever ["Renter's Hell," WW, Dec. 7, 2011]. Every neighborhood has "apartment available" signs up everywhere! If it takes you two months to find an apartment in this city, you're doing it wrong. [I] just rented my fourth apartment TODAY after less than a week of searching. I rented my first apartment sight unseen in March 2008, over a month before I even moved here. [I] walked around NW Portland for a day when I decided to move last year and found an apartment within a couple of hours. I see no reason it should be that stressful to find a place to live in this city.


Try going through a neighborhood and actually calling all the numbers on those FOR RENT signs. You will find that most are permanent neighborhood fixtures that never come down, there are no apartments available and no one will answer or return your call.


Ridiculous tabloid article based in fiction. It is not difficult to find apartments or rooms to rent in Portland. Is it hard to find a $500 one-bedroom apartment in Northwest? Yes. Should it be? Yes. Should everyone, regardless of their credit history or salary, be able to find a rental in any neighborhood they like? Hell no. This is an infantile assumption.


Do you really think we'll be complaining about high rents and low supply in early 2013? Hell no! The market will be ripe for tenants very soon. Let's not forget, developers are extremely dumb.... Anytime they see a slight tightening in the market, they all pounce at once, which eventually results in super-cheap stuff for renters/buyers. 2008, anyone?



If these are legitimate expenditures, then why is it so difficult to provide that information to the county? ["Maxed Out at the Urban League," WW, Dec. 7, 2011]. I am sick of my tax dollars going to nonprofit agencies that continuously fail at being good stewards to their funds. They may not be a government agency, but that's where plenty of their money comes from. The Urban League receives government funding with clear expectations it will be audited.



I want to make it clear that I have in no way accused the ILWU of "not telling the truth." ["Dreadlocks vs. Hardhats," WW, Dec. 7, 2011]. What I said is that the ILWU is legally unable to support this community picket. This is an action of Occupy Portland, and we understand the restrictions the unions are facing.


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