There are some cinematic memories that warm our hearts every Christmas, bringing cheer with each viewing. Little Virginia finding out that indeed, there is a Santa Claus. George Bailey realizing how truly wonderful life can be. A deranged, sexually repressed psychopath in a Santa suit making kebabs out of gratuitously naked ladies. Silent Night, Deadly Night is by no means a good movie, which should be evident by the fact that it's a slasher flick made in 1984, a time when the Friday the 13th ripoffs piled up quicker than dead sorority girls. Still, there's a great deal of guilty pleasure to be had watching a Santa-clad mental case, with a vested childhood fear of Papa Noel, hack his way through a horde of naughty and naked holiday cheesecakes for 80 gruesome minutes. Showing at: Hollywood Theatre, 7:30 pm Tuesday, Dec. 20.

  • Best paired with: New Belgium Sunshine Wheat.
  • Also showing: Take Shelter (Laurelhurst).