A new Trail Blazers rap song

Because "

" is finally getting old and I want to hear Kurt Thomas' legendary skills on the mic. Come on, Santa, I know you can make this happen.

A Kickball reunion show

You're probably sick of me asking every year.

An undiscovered case of original-formula Sparks

Booze + caffeine + sugar = the best New Years' Eve party ever. I know, because I was at that New Year's Eve party in 2007.

A new M. Ward album

I'm sorry, but Zooey Deschanel is way too cute and I can't handle it anymore. Remember when M. Ward was kind of a weirdo? I miss that.

World peace

I'm not sneaking this last one in to "put things in perspective"; it's just really the fifth item on my list. You probably won't get to it this year.