Before his touted weight loss made everyone notice how outsized his ears are, Jonah Hill showed a knack for active listening in Moneyball. The business-of-baseball movie recognizes that the romance of the onetime national pastime is mostly in its chatter—why else sign Aaron Sorkin for the script?—and the tension hinges on whether any Oakland A's executives will heed Brad Pitt's statistical sales pitch. Hill gives his performance in reaction shots, a difficult if not Dadaist task, and he is rewarded with the movie's most unabashedly Sorkin-y speech, a film-room parable where Pitt finally listens to him. Showing at: Academy, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, Mission, St. Johns.

  • Best paired with: Lucky Lab Superdog IPA.
  • Also showing: Drive (Academy, Laurelhurst).