(Left) Dwight Holton (Right) Ellen Rosenblum - Photo of Dwight Holton by Mike Perrault

: Sometime soon,

Dwight Holton


Ellen Rosenblum

each will announce their candidacies for the state attorney general's seat incumbent AG

John Kroger

will vacate next year. Holton is currently an assistant United States Attorney, and Rosenblum is a recently retired state Court of Appeals judge. More important for the readers of


, Rosenblum is married to my business partner, Publisher

Richard Meeker

. While, in my opinion, Rosenblum would be an outstanding AG, this newspaper has a conflict of interest. That's why, as difficult as it may be to write this, we will not be covering the race or making an endorsement. —

  • On Dec. 22, Portland Fire & Rescue Chief John Klum sent his troops a letter asking those with “direct information” about alleged cheating on promotional testing materials to share what they know with investigators. But the letter hardly seemed designed to encourage transparency. “We will do our best to protect the anonymity of members who come forward,” Klum wrote. “However, any information provided, as well as your identity, may be disclosed to individuals involved in our investigation or released under the Oregon Public Records Law.” Fire Bureau spokesman Paul Corah says the cheating investigation’s findings should be released next week.
  • A new report by Multnomah County auditors found problems with the way county sheriff’s office employees handle $3.7 million a year in cash belonging to jail inmates. The Dec. 29 audit report says sheriff’s office staff “cannot reconcile the inmate accounting system to the bank and [county financial system] each month,” leaving the county without the means “to detect any errors or missing funds.” The report says the sheriff’s office must pinpoint the amount of an error dating to a 2007 accounting system switchover, estimated at up to $86,000. In his written response to the report, county sheriff Daniel Staton says he agrees with the findings, but downplays the “potential for loss or theft,” given “checks and balances” already in place.
  • A lawsuit against the security company that guards Pioneer Courthouse Square goes to trial at Multnomah County Circuit Court on Jan. 9. Brian Alexander Baca claims Portland Patrol Service Inc. officer Nick Jones punched him in the face in November 2009, after an argument that began when another guard asked Baca and his friend, co-plaintiff Clyde King, to stop skateboarding and leave the park. Baca’s attorney, Tony Schwartz, says Jones lacked the required training to work as a guard. Portland Patrol Service Inc. did not respond to messages.