Even if you don't notice any difference in what image you see, the death of celluloid is going to impact the kind of movies you see. The open question is whether digital projection will offer more options, or give venue operators an endless supply of familiar titles with a handful of venerated reels. The first weekend of 2012 is a strong indication: Cort and Fatboy are showing E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial in 35 mm for the first time since...August, while the Laurelhurst Theater uses its new digital system to display Raising Arizona for the first time since...Cort and Fatboy screened it in 2009. The warning sirens of a feedback loop are ringing, and I'd be even more tempted to complain if not for the consolation that E.T. is a discount alternative to Steven Spielberg's bloated remake of E.T., which he has called War Horse. At least the original has analog puppets.

  • E.T. showing at: Bagdad Theater at 11 pm Friday, Jan. 6.
  • Raising Arizona showing at: Laurelhurst.
  • Best paired with: Pabst Blue Ribbon.