Every possible aspect of The Godfather has been thoroughly assayed and diagramed—in some college library, there is surely a term paper titled Woltz Up, Doc?: Khartoum the Horse and the Art of Non-Verbal Communication—but I'll still point out my personal-fave performance. It's Sterling Hayden, who gets about six minutes of screen time as corrupt Capt. McCluskey, and makes him the most repugnant policeman before the pepper-spray era. Hayden made a magnificent career out of self-loathing tough guys, but for two scenes he makes us loathe him, until we can't wait for Michael Corleone to send his soul to damnation on a plate of veal Parmesan.

  • Showing at: Academy, on 35 mm.
  • Best paired with: Farnese Montepulciano.
  • Also showing: Office Space (Laurelhurst).