At first glance, it's a run-of-the-mill wit. Belgian-style witbiers, or wheat beers, are commonly spiced with coriander and orange peel. But this one is more complex. The aroma is funky, both in the yeast and oddball sense, belying the real star of this beer: local pinot noir barrels. The spent barrels landed in the hands of Corvallis-based 2 Towns Ciderhouse for a cider sweetened with wort—unfermented beer—from neighboring Flat Tail Brewing. Now, having aged the beer in this repurposed cask, the result is an intriguing taste of all of the above plus pressed apples. Far sweeter and less carbonated than standard wits, it could benefit from a touch more hops or a dash of another Belgian yeast strain to dry it out a bit. But it's a valiant experiment nonetheless. Looking for something akin to the menudo of fermented beverages? Give this a try. But if Flat Tail sought to design something as enjoyable as several glasses of the best pinot noirs, dry ciders and Belgian wits, they must crush this experiment and concoct another mashup.