The movie highlight reel has become one of the dependable enjoyments of the Internet—if you want to see The Big Lebowski or Scarface trimmed to only their F-bombs, you're in your element—but it also provides opportunity to craft an entirely new object. As part of the pre-Portlandia show "The Friday Night TV Party & Theater Club Neighborhood Association," my co-founders of Beer and Movie have cut a rawboned sliver of Michael Mann's Thief. The montage, supervised by local video editor Darren Aboulafia, shows James Caan exploding in aggrieved rage. But at its climax it starts repeating images, becoming a ritual of loading and aiming a gun—as if Caan just can't get enough of his own nihilism. Take another swig. BAM is back.

  • Showing at: Mission. 7:30 pm Friday, Jan. 20.
  • Best paired with: Terminator Stout.
  • Also showing: Serpico (Academy), Say Anything... (Laurelhurst).