The really incredible thing about Twin Peaks is that two decades after it aired, despite having all its tricks stolen by The X-Files and Lost and its memory desecrated by The Killing, despite Ray Wise, Kyle MacLachlan and Dana Ashbrook having made careers out of parodying their characters on the show, David Lynch's exercise in testing the limits of network television still has the power to occupy our nightmares. Leland Palmer crooning "Mairzy Doats," the muttering Log Lady, the dancing dwarf in the red room, any appearance by BOB—these are horrors as yet unmatched. And now you can see them as they were never intended, two episodes every Wednesday on the big screen, with beer.

  • Showing at: Hollywood Theatre. 9:30 pm Wednesday, March 7.
  • Best paired with: Black Butte Porter.
  • Also showing: Flash Gordon (Laurelhurst).