The most lucid movie ever made about the links between technology, pornography and that shriveled organ called the conscience, David Cronenberg's Videodrome is no less traumatizing in the age of RedTube. The key is in James Woods. (Actually, a lot of things wind up in James Woods: a VHS tape, several arms and a gun.) His alarm at developing new orifices with each S&M viewing is muted by his reptilian gratification: He's calm because he's turned on, in every sense. Like most of Cronenberg's work, this Toronto tumor gallery (presented by my BAM series) is about how sex means never having to say you're sorry.

  • Showing at: Laurelhurst.
  • Best paired with: New Belgium Biere de Mars.
  • Also showing: Hugo (Academy, Kennedy School, Laurelhurst, St. Johns, Valley).