Logsdon's white beer has a sweet spot. Made by a Hood River-based organic brewer specializing in saisons—including our favorite Oregon beer of 2011, the Logsdon Fresh Hop Seizoen—it uses Oregon hops and African cilantro to get layered flavors of honey, citrus and white pepper. Pop the bottle fresh out of the fridge, though, and you won't get much beyond a nice, clean taste of barley, wheat and oats. Instead, let it warm up to around 50 degrees (the bottle suggests 44-50 degrees) so the orange and cilantro come through loud and clear: But keep it capped: This brew's other standout quality is the smooth but delicate bubbles housed in its extra-thick glass. Unlike Logsdon's other basically foolproof brews, the Kili Wit rewards careful serving. Unfortunately, we blew it by serving a bottle purchased at New Seasons that was too cold. We should have bought it at BeerMongers and enjoyed it in one of the brewery's gorgeous glasses. Learn from our mistake and thank us later. Recommended.