The clear lessons so far from Mayoral Madness: The only thing Portland loves more than an underdog is a self-promoter. 

The first round of WW's bracket tournament to find a less-boring mayor produced many upsets, thanks to social-network campaigning by enthusiastic competitors.

In the biggest surprise, No. 1 seed and Portlandia darling Carrie Brownstein fell to 16th seed right-wing radio host Victoria Taft, who won with 55 percent after urging her Twitter and Facebook acolytes to vote. 

"Next round is tougher," Taft tweeted on Monday, anticipating a second-round, Tea Party-vs.-Timbers Army war with mascot Timber Joey. "But I'm drinking in the victory tonight."

Mattress World mogul Sherri Hiner eked out a last-minute, five-vote win over stripper and memoirist Viva Las Vegas. 

Oregonian columnist John Canzano barely escaped a challenge from his wife, Anna, after rallying his Twitter followers with "I do take out the garbage at the house."

One winner who didn't campaign: holiday-tree bomb-plot suspect Mohamed Osman Mohamud, who blew up Lars Larson's candidacy. "Don't let me lose to that terrorist," the conservative radio host pleaded on Twitter.

This week's key matchups:

Columbia Sportswear boss Gert Boyle faces Fire Chief Erin Janssens, who scored the highest first-round vote: 76 percent. 

Packy the Elephant battles blogger Jack Bogdanski. And Pink Martini singer China Forbes goes up against Hawthorne Bridge entertainer "Working" Kirk Reeves.

Voting resumes today.