Vancouver, B.C.

Bass music is huge. The audiences are smart. Activism/politics in art aren't considered taboo like in the states.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

An autonomous city-state sultanate, where the sultan is some kind of lefty artist. Seems you can't take a step without bumping into a graffiti collective or a gang of punks on tall bikes.

Barcelona, Spain

Nothing beats strolling through the cobbled streets at dawn after playing some all-night illegal party.

Black Rock City, Nev.

Burning Man is now a temporary metropolis. As with any city, there are imbeciles and cheesy nightclubs, but in smaller proportion, with the benefit of a unique tension between survivalism and hedonism.

Tunis, Tunisia

I've only performed there once, but it was explosive, my favorite gig in years, taking place in a de-sanctified cathedral to a young and energetic crowd that would soon overthrow dictator Ben Ali.


SEE IT: Filastine plays the Whiskey Bar, 31 NW 1st Ave., on Saturday. April 7, with Heyoka, AfroQBen and Claetron. 10 pm. $15. 21+.