Acolytes in the Church of Eastwood will tell you that Sudden Impact is not just the Dirty Harry movie that coined "Go ahead, make my day" for Reagan: No, it's also the one Clint directed, and therefore has greater moral shading and ambiguity toward violence. We skeptics will note it also has a farting bulldog, villains who pop up randomly to serve as a shooting gallery, and Harry Callahan commandeering a nursing-home van to chase a bank robber. It's '80s excess turned surrealist, almost a proto-Blue Velvet in its belief that under the boardwalk of American life, gangs of crazed, lesbian-led rapists wait to strike.

  • Showing at: Beer and Movie at Laurelhurst.
  • Best paired with: Lucky Lab Super Dog IPA.
  • Also showing: The Iron Lady (Academy, Laurelhurst).