Thanks to the war on tobacco, it's no harder to get a joint than a good stogie in this town. While so much of Portland's diet is bacon-based, and food carts will soon be allowed to pour $2 well whiskeys, hookah bars were banned last year without much fuss. It's like we're hangin' with Mr. C. Everett Koop. So the bright red cigar cart opened by Broadway Cigar Co. (Southwest Oak Street and Broadway, 473-8000, feels a little puckish. A custom-built, rolling walk-in humidor, the "Lounge and Safe Haven for Cigar Smokers" opened last month on the ground floor of a parking garage across from the posh Benson Hotel. Inside it's got a few thousand good cigars, ranging from $5 to $40. The covered patio isn't anything fancy—propane heat and lawn furniture—but it's a comfortable place to sit and smoke, chatting about this town's odd politics.